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Setting new

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs who are setting new standards with technology solutions across cloud services, cybersecurity, data and AI, ensuring that every investment advances our commitment to innovation, making a difference, and creating impactful solutions for organisations and society. 

With a portfolio including UBDS Digital and Rayo, we are dedicated to championing entrepreneurial spirit by investing in innovators who leverage technology to create meaningful change. 

Our expertise.

UBDS Group Companies proudly offer comprehensive, end-to-end digital solutions tailored for both the public and private sectors. By harnessing the strengths of leading technology partners, we deliver innovative strategies, services and solutions that address complex challenges and drive significant value.

How we can help you with Digital Consulting?

Our digital consulting teams help organisations to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, crafting customised strategies and prioritising the user experience. We help to drive tangible outcomes and infuse innovation into every aspect of your organisation.Our key services include defining digital strategies and technology roadmaps, developing target operating models, crafting robust business cases, running design thinking workshops, and supporting businesses as they prepare for change, manage change and sustain change.

How we can help you with Cloud Platforms?

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to guide our clients through the multifaceted landscape of cloud technology. We facilitate a smooth and efficient cloud adoption process, from workload migration and application modernisation to cloud security enhancements and strategic planning. Our focus extends to optimising costs without compromising on the agility, scalability, and security that are fundamental to our offerings. At the heart of our approach lies a steadfast commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that each solution not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of our clients.

How we can help you with Data + AI?

In an era where the strategic use of data and AI is crucial for cutting costs, enhancing user experiences, and improving service quality, realising the full potential can be daunting. Challenges like integrating legacy systems, addressing data quality, bridging skill gaps, and navigating complex risk environments can significantly slow progress. We excel in turning these challenges into strategic advantages. Our core strength lies in seamlessly integrating rapid technological innovation with the deployment of dependable, secure, and well-managed data and AI initiatives. Our commitment extends beyond mere technology implementation; we focus on driving measurable impacts, enriching user engagement, and ensuring the realised benefits profoundly influence your operations.

How we can help you with Cybersecurity?

In today's digital era, organisations face an array of cyber threats, from phishing and ransomware to data breaches. The necessity for proactive cybersecurity measures—encompassing advanced threat detection, robust protocols, and continuous monitoring—has never been more critical. We are at the forefront, offering risk assessments, threat modelling, and strategic mitigation to empower businesses against these threats. Our focus includes ensuring the security of cloud environments, equipping organisations to anticipate and neutralise cyber risks, safeguarding operations, and maintaining customer trust in an increasingly volatile digital landscape.

How we can help you with Managed Services?

We offer a range of Engineering and Managed Services tailored to empower businesses. Our solutions are crafted to integrate flawlessly with your existing infrastructure, driving operational excellence and elevating service standards while ensuring top-tier security, compliance, and ongoing innovation. Leveraging our deep industry expertise, strategic partnerships, and dedication to cost efficiency, we guide organisations toward operational resilience and sustainable growth. We aim to proactively address risks and cement your competitive edge in the fast-paced business landscape. Our comprehensive service offerings include secure connectivity, cloud hosting, financial operations (FinOps), service transition and management, security operations centre capabilities, and managed modern work and productivity services.

How we can help you with Portfolio, Programme and Project management?

We recognise the complexities that come with managing portfolios, programmes, and projects (P3M), particularly within sectors like public services, financial services, and other tightly regulated environments. Our P3M offerings are specifically tailored to confront these challenges directly. Whether it's navigating budgetary limitations with bespoke project management strategies, adhering to stringent regulatory standards, or employing advanced stakeholder management techniques, we've got every facet of your project covered. Our delivery team possess an unwavering commitment to quality, and our thorough risk management strategies are all aimed at surpassing your project objectives. We specialise in technology delivery, as well as the establishment and administration of Project Management Offices (PMO), ensuring your projects are not just successful, but also strategically aligned and efficiently executed.

Our Group Companies

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UBDS Digital

Exceptional outcomes. Never compromise.

UBDS Digital is a brand on a mission to deliver unparalleled client value, unmatched employee experience, and to make a meaningful difference in society. Through investment in their people, they understand your needs deeply and are laser focused on exceptional outcomes, never compromising on quality or security. They are your visionary partner, taking on complex work, creating smarter solutions with innovative technologies for the best results and producing lasting progress, for all.

UBDS Digital covers the end-to-end digital transformation journey with services and solutions covering digital consulting, cloud platforms, data and AI, cybersecurity, P3M and managed services.

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Companies we own


Seek a better way.

Rayo are cloud, data and AI specialists that believe there’s a better way to do business. With their experience and expertise, they help find a better way to realise the true opportunity presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the cloud. They believe in operating with integrity. Always putting their customers first. Because that’s how you build relationships that stand the test of time. They put people at the heart of their business and believe in creating a culture they are proud of. One that unlocks the potential of their people, and drives their customers’ success.

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